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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December Freebies!

I'm quite surprised, I really thought it was going to be a slow month, and I ended up getting quite a bit of stuff! Now, I ended up working a ton this month, so in all technicality, it could have been a lot better, and it probably will end up cutting down my freebies for next month, but that's ok, I really do love my job.

I am ending up with a great problem, when I have too many freebies to lay out on the table, you know it's been a good month!

I got a shirt, an aroniaberry mascot, some aroniaberry chews, and a drink from super berries. They are constantly doing giveaways, so check them out, this particular one was for a sequence of giveaways they did for the holidays.

King Soopers sent me some more coupons, none were for free items, but they are really good coupons. I got a box of samples from Target (the razor, advil, caltrate, etc) and they sent me some target coupons that are going to stack quite nicely with some manufacturers coupons, so YAY! I got a sample of some anti-aging cream for men, no way will my husband use it, so I will. I need up with another sample of garnier hair oil, not sure why, but I'll use it up! I also got some samples of baby shampoo and baby sunscreen from an online baby shower on Facebook.

I won the game Aggravation off of a blog giveaway (they were giving away random Winning Moves games). What's hilarious is we bought the same game for $30 just 2 weeks before this arrived in the mail, so it'll probably end up going in the last-minute gift pile ;)

I got calendars from Pillsbury and Betty Crocker (they gave away calendars this month instead of free samples). My son's Lego Club magazine came today, he loves those so much! And what's great is you can get a free 2 year subscription here. I got a box of Creme Of Nature hair dye that I won on Facebook a few months ago. I sent that off to a friend though, since I thought the color was slightly too bold for me.

I won the Coca Cola on an instant win game! I was able to load the coupon directly to my King Soopers card, so I was able to redeem it right away. The Tum-E Yummies and the Sierra Mist were both free friday downloads from King Soopers. If you have a King Soopers near you, visit this site every Friday to load a new coupon to your card, you will have 2 weeks to redeem it, so no rush, but you HAVE to download it on the friday.

The Tressemme and Suave products I got for free from Kmart using coupons during their double coupon event, they just happen to have one going on now through the end of the week, so there are likely to be more free things you can get if you check out the store. I like to go to the event without my husband or kids, so I can go up and down the isles looking for unadvertised deals and clearance items that will go well with my coupons.

Dove sent me samples of their oxygen moisture shampoo and conditioner (I requested them after receiving some samples in my Walmart Beauty box last season, and I loved them).

Davinci sent me a bottle of coffee flavoring, and this one, I honestly don't remember signing up for, but was excited to receive it.

Acure organics sent me a free product of my choosing after I won a Facebook giveaway, they also hold lots of giveaways, so give their page a like and watch for them.

I won the hand soap from a bathroom makeover sweepstakes (I didn't win first prize or we would be renovating right now), but that's ok, because I got a chance to review this hand soap a few months ago and I LOVED it.

The Sugar Bear bobble head has to be my favorite thing to get this month. These were made in very limited quantity and given to only 200 people. I was so very excited to find out that my name had been pulled for this. Sugar Bear will not be seeing the light of day, I love him so much that he will remain in his box, where he will remain in pristine condition!

The Chicken Jerky Tenders were a sample I requested. I was only expecting to get a few pieces in a small bag, but to get a full huge bag of them, wow my dog will be happy!

The nutri-grain crunch bars and the honey grahams I got for free from Kmart because they sent me $5 for having a personal shopper (I seem to get this $5 about once every 4-6 weeks, and I make sure to use every dime up before they expire, which is usually only a couple of days from when they give it to you). These snacks came to exactly $5, so my free points covered them completely.

I got another sample of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (from Betty Crocker I believe as my free monthly sample).

I won the tuna squish off of a blog review. I giggled when I received it, because it is so big. And after trying it out for myself, I can say...well...silliest invention ever. I made more of a mess with it than without it.

I got some more free foundation from Physician's Formula (I haven't even finished the one I got a couple months ago), I love their products, so very happy to have won that!

The essential oils were from a Facebook win. They are constantly giving out free products, you should follow their page and set it up to get notifications when they post (because only the first 100 will get the oils), so that you never miss a giveaway.

The nail polish was free with coupon / clearance at Kmart.

I got a sample package of gluten free noodles - funny because the same noodles in the same sized package came in the gluten free box I got.

I got the oatmeal bar as a free sample (from Pillsbury? I always get these two mixed up).

I won the Clif Z Bar on the walk to school challenge, they seriously sent that UPS in a bubble mailer, crazy. And it came a month after I received three boxes that I had won from the same giveaway. I'm not complaining, free treats for the kids!

The night lights, book lights, and glow sticks are all from free-after-rebate sales at Menards. I got way more than that and got more of those measuring spoons, but I gave the measuring spoons away throughout the month, and I gave quite a few glow sticks and night lights away too.

The Gum (pink container) and the bag of cereal came from King Soopers Free Friday Downloads.

I won the Calendula cream from a blog review, and it came with coupons! YAY!

The JC's Pie Pops tote was a trade (I won a free box of product, but couldn't find it here, and then won ANOTHER free box of product), I sent the coupons to a friend who won a tote bag and was willing to trade. I have a silly habit now of collecting tote bags from companies. I just love to have branded tote bags. Great conversations pieces.

Free product coupons, hooray! I got a free 12 pack of soda by redeeming my points on MyCokeRewards. If you haven't signed up yet, do! Every once in a while they will have a deal on the coupon for only 30 points...and this month they put it out again and allowed you to get up to 8 of the coupons...so next month, I should be getting 8 more of these coupons! YAY!

I bought some ziploc bags and they were ripping like crazy. After contacting the company, they sent me a coupon booklet (with some awesome coupons) and 2-free product coupons.

After receiving some foul tasting cereal from Malt-O-Meal (well, I bought it at walmart, but you get the point), I contacted the company, and they sent me 2 free product coupons.

I want to be clear that I do not call companies and complain often. But if I spent money on something, and it doesn't work, I will kindly contact the company. The ziploc bags were seriously terrible, so I'm so happy they replaced them. And the fruity dino-bites made my tongue burn, and tasted almost like soap. It was quite odd. So kudos to those companies for taking care of their customers. MOM cereal is the ONLY cereal I will buy if I don't have coupons or can't find a deal (of course I will always buy what's cheaper/better value).

Lastly, I have my products for review. I got some more products from insta-naturals (one of which I shared the remainder of), some bee-juvinate hand cream (which unfortunately did not work for me, something about weeping skin...anyways, I'll be able to use it for my lips as it is a very similar formula to chapstick, so it won't go to waste), a bluetooth speaker, and my Frosty Vox Box from Influenster. You can check out the contents of that box here. Don't forget to use the link on that post to sign up for Influenster, so you can receive your very own Vox Box.

'Til next time,


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