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Monday, December 29, 2014

Walmart Beauty Box #2 - Winter

Finally I have received a day to get stuff done! No visitors, no special events, no crazy chaos in the house. So, now, I can update you on the Walmart Beauty Box that I received last week! 

Inside the box I received a sample card of the Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder with a $1 coupon (by sample card, I mean I am not even sure it's enough to use for one full application or not), a Nivea sample packet of cocoa butter body lotion, a sample of Jergens BB Body perfecting skin cream, a sample bottle of L'Oreal's Oleo Therapy Oil infused shampoo and a matching conditioner, Olay Fresh Effects makeup removing cloths (7 in the package), and a Maybelline 925 Maple Kiss lipstick.

I was so excited to see the unopened box at the post office, but when I opened it, I was a bit underwhelmed. But before passing judgement, let's go through each item one by one.

I'm not going to put a value on the sample pad of the Maybelline Dream Wonder powder, sure there was a coupon (which conveniently expires 12/31/14, arg), but I have enough foundation to last me a few months, so I probably won't be purchasing this in the future. But, I did run my finger across the sample paper, and this stuff appears to have some serious coverage, so who knows, after I try the sample, I will let you know. The Nivea sample, there is no value attached to that either (the coupons I get in my Sunday paper, trump the $1 coupon that came attached to it, and I requested and received this exact same sample from Nivea for free just last month and last week at Target, I stocked up on 8 full-sized bottles of this stuff for $0.99/ea...and each one of them had either a mini lotion or a full-sized chapstick attached to them). The Olay makeup removing wipes, have an approximate value of $1. The samples of the oleo therapy are generous (2 oz ea), and going by amazon's prices of the full sized (8 ounce each), these samples together are worth maybe $5 together (I can't find the product on Walmart's website to verify). The jergen's BB Body perfecting skin cream is worth just over $1. The lipstick, that one surprised me, this lipstick is selling for $4.97 at Walmart.

So after going over the values of the products, I'm going to take back my initial thought. I was upset that it was all samples (except for the lipstick), and some of which I can even get for free directly from the company if I request. But overall, I'll say I'm satisfied with this box. The makeup removing wipes are something I have seen over and over again, but wasn't sure if I should try them or not, so it's nice to be able to try them now. The shampoo and conditioner are something I have never seen before. They are sulfate-free which means better for me (and my color-treated hair), so I'm excited to try them, and honestly, they'll last 2-3 shampoos, so that's less shampoo I have to buy. The smell light and clean, very pleasing scent. The skin perfecting cream has a very light scent, and is lightly tinted. It feels great on my hands, so I'm happy to put this to the test over the next week. And the lipstick, well, again they hit the nail on the head there with color, I do love the color.

The overall value of this box is approximately $12, and I paid only $5 shipping to try these products. 

If you haven't jumped on the Walmart Beauty Box bandwagon yet, but hope to get in on the next box, you can sign up here.

'Til next time,


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