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Monday, December 1, 2014

Scott Naturals Tube-Free toilet paper...is it worth a *insert pun here*

I'm not sure if you knew this, but 17 billion toilet paper tubes are thrown away EVERY...SINGLE...YEAR! 

Scotts Naturals created a toilet paper that has no tube on the inside, to stop those tubes from going to the landfill. I'm a skeptic, and thought for sure that loading and unloading these rolls would be a total pain. I was mistaken! They work flawlessly. The toilet paper slides directly onto your existing toilet paper holder, and when it's all gone, it releases flawlessly as well. So, that's super exciting

CrowdTap sent me a 4 pack of these tube-free masterpieces for free, to share and to try myself. 

They aren't kidding! There is no tube in that there roll!

I put three of the rolls in baggies to hand out to random people that I work with. That was an interesting subject to bring up. Hey, you wipe your bum, I wipe my bum, we all...hopefully...wipe our bums...try this tube-free toilet paper out! Some people downright refused, and some accepted willingly because they had heard about this new tube-free trend, and they wanted in on it!

My husband is being a real goof about it all!

I'm really not sure why he decided to wrap it around his head for a pic...I'm thinking that he was maybe a bit too excited.

So, I love that this toilet paper is tube-free. But, I'm not going to just toss my toilet paper out without a second thought! I decided to put it to the test.

This post is about to get brutally honest in 5....


First, I tested it's strength while wet by having my children hold a bearing on the toilet paper, and spritzing it with water.

The first one is Scotts, the second one is Charmin.

Next, I wanted to test it's strength on scrubbing a wet counter top. Yes, I realize that toilet paper is not for holding ball bearings or for scrubbing. But I realized pretty quickly that this toilet paper ripped easier when I was using it for it's intended purposes, so I wanted to find ways to demonstrate that.

On the top is Scotts, the bottom is Charmin. They both faired well in this test. Moving on.

Let's test cheek feel....

And by cheeks...I mean I'll be using my actual facial cheeks for you today ;)

Scotts is a bit on the rougher side than my Charmin.

And the very last test...what is left over?

On the left....is the waste off of a Scott's toilet paper roll...on the right, is the waste off of ONE Charmin roll!

Also, I noticed that the Scott's tissue had a lot more sheets per roll than the Charmin, which is further saving money and waste. The Scott's is also cheaper than the Charmin per roll. Scott's toilet paper had a box top on it, my Charmin does not...and I love me some Box Tops.

It's a tough call for me, it really is. I love how Scotts is being so innovative with their tube-free toilet paper. But it just doesn't stand up for me as well as Charmin. So, I leave this post with a challenge to Scotts to make a softer/stronger paper...and to Charmin...to ditch the tube!

'Til next time,



  1. I prefer Scott. It breaks down in water better than Charmin. It's better suited to old plumbing...mine or the house's. lol

  2. see, now this is something I need to test! Thanks for the information! Have you tried this new tube-free variety?