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Friday, December 26, 2014

Liztek PSS-100 bluetooth speaker - review

It feels like it's been forever. I feel like I have been away from my blog for so long that I should be writing you a Christmas letter (like we are so distant, I only write once a year or something, and have to catch up on every single goings-on in my home). LOL. But seriously, life has gotten away from me this week. On Monday, we spent ALL day, and I am seriously not exaggerating on this, all day fixing a bearing on my husband's truck. What we thought would take 15 minutes, took all day. First, we had to get the thing off of there, which proved to be harder than we first hoped. Then we had to drive to the state capital to get a new one, make a few other pit stops (IE groceries), we had to go to his work to put the part on, test it all out...and we got home after dark. Then on Tuesday I spent all day baking. Again, I'm not exaggerating...literally from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to bed, I was baking. I baked pies, and cheesecake, and cookies. Preparations for the Christmas holiday. Then on Wednesday we decided to stray from our hermit ways, and we had company over. My sister, her son, her boyfriend, and my grandmother all came over for Christmas dinner. And as luck would have it, they went to leave, and the car wouldn't start. Just ends my the day perfectly. But after about 12 minutes she got it, thank goodness for her, Christmas has been saved. And then of course, yesterday, it was Christmas, and we got to watch the kiddos open presents, and I got to make a butt out of myself for youtube...um...yeah...haha. So now, today, I feel like I have neglected you. So now, I'm back! And here with a great product!

I received this product about a week ago. It's a Liztek PSS-100 bluetooth speaker. I have wanted to get a bluetooth speaker for years! Our cell company has the things littering their store, and the sound is always so amazing, but the prices are over $100 for a lot of them, and you wonder, is a speaker really worth that money!? This speaker states the regular retail price is $129.95, but shows the sale price at the moment as $36.95. 

The speaker came in this really nice/professional box. On the cover it shows you the other colors that are available.

The speaker is wrapped very nicely in plastic inside the box, keeping the speaker clean and scratch-free.

This speaker comes with a charging cord (but no wall adapter, you will have to connect to existing wall-adapter if you have one, or to the USB port on your computer), an auxiliary cord to hook a device directly to the speaker if you choose, and a user manual.

The speaker is pretty bare-bones on the back, nothing unnecessary here. You can turn the speaker on/off, plug in the auxiliary cord, and plug the speaker into a power source.

The top is also pretty bare bones, there is a phone button, back, play/pause, forward, volume down, and volume up. There is also a pairing light on the top of the speaker. Now, I just realized that I haven't tried all the buttons on the top of this speaker. To be honest, when using it, I control the music with my device, I'm typically not by the speaker to try the buttons on it, most of them are just not a needed feature for me. That being said, I'm very grateful for the volume up and volume down button. I have another bluetooth speaker that I got at about the same time as this one as a gift, and I'll be honest, the fact that the volume up and down buttons on the other speaker were dual-purpose and had to be held down to make adjustments, was a real turn-off for me. These buttons on this particular speaker are one-tap adjustments. You touch them once, and the volume changes slightly, tap again, it changes slightly again. That's probably one of my favorite things about this speaker when compared to others I have seen.

The bluetooth feature is flawless. When you turn the speaker on (with the slider in the back), it enters pairing mode. I can turn on the bluetooth on my phone or my mac computer, and instantly my device will recognize the Liztech speaker, and I can pair with no problems. There are no codes or password, and the pairing is quick and painless. Once it is paired, all the noises on my phone are now coming out the speaker (reminder to myself, turn of notification sounds while listening to my music on my bluetooth speaker, lol).

The sound to me was very impressive. It's very loud and clear for such a small device, I'll be honest, I was quite impressed. The bass is nothing to shake a tail feather at, but let's face it, this tiny speaker cannot be rocking a huge bass sounds, simply because there is no room for a really big subwoofer in such a tiny speaker. You can feel the speaker vibrate and it will thump a bit where you would hear the bass on a stellar surround-sound system. The sound is very clear, and is not tinny at all. That's what I was really worried about. Usually anything I can afford, won't sound really well, but this was quite the opposite of the normal for me!

Overall, this speaker was quite the lifesaver for me this week. I literally had it running the whole time I was baking on Tuesday. From the box, it already was charged, and it just kept going for me. It also charges with the same plug in as my phone, so when I was done for the day, I was able to just plug it into my existing plug that I already have in my bedroom, so it was nice not to plug in yet another cord. Baking goes a lot faster when you are bumping around to your favorite music for sure!

I also brought it out to show my sister on Christmas Eve while dinner was finishing. She had a blast messing with it, and really enjoyed how easy it was to use, and how loud and clear the sound was.

I don't really have a lot of complaints for this device. I wanted to say that one down side would be that the battery is not replaceable as it is in some other available devices. Then I realized that very few devices have replaceable batteries, and that in all honesty, the types of batteries used in these devices really do have a great shelf-life. I really thing the battery will probably outlive the device overall, so I really can't complain about that. It's small, it's sleek, it's simple, it does the job. So I really have no complaints at all. I really love this little speaker.

And it makes a great gift (I realize Christmas is over, but c'mon...there are still birthdays, anniversaries, and just-because-days). It's also Prime-eligible on Amazon, so if you have Prime, it'll ship for free (what more could you ask for).

-Til next time,


I received this product in exchange for review. Regardless, the opinions in this review are 100% my own. I test out each and every product that is sent to me, and give my absolute honest opinion for each one.

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