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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Insta Natural - New Vitamin C Moisturizer, Vitamin C Serum, and Retinol Moisturizer - I'm in heaven!

Insta Naturals has been so wonderful, they sent me a few more products to try out. The first two they sent me were the Vitamin C Serum and the Retinol Moisturizer

The Retinol Moisturizer comes in a bigger bottle than the last few moisturizers I have been sent, it'll last a lot longer, making it a better value, I really like that. It's nice and thick, not scented, and it soaks in quite quickly. It leaves my face feeling very soft, and that's something I struggle with a lot.

The Vitamin C Serum is thin compared to their Hyaluronic Acid that comes in a similar container. It's orange, and smells slightly of grapefruit. It takes a bit longer to soak in than the other products, but doesn't leave any residue or film on my face. At first, I wasn't quite set on this product because I was getting blotchy spots on my face and I had dry spots on my cheeks that were really obvious with makeup. I was going to contact the company, but right as I was going to, they sent me an email. They wanted to let me know that I would see best results with the products if I used a moisturizer after the Vitamin C serum. 

I changed my daily routine to use the Vitamin C serum in the evening. When it soaks in, I follow up with the retinol moisturizer. Then I use the retinol moisturizer in the morning before I put on makeup. After changing my routine to follow their instructions, the blotchiness immediately disappeared and the dry spots went away. Together these products work so well to keep my face hydrated and looking nice and smooth. My complexion is very even and smooth, and my makeup goes on well over top of these products. I don't know what else I can say about InstaNatural, they truly are a great company with great products.

Then a couple of days ago I got a brand new product, that just now hit Amazon marketplace. I'm so excited because it really combines the benefits of both of these products. Vitamin C has been shown to support healthy collagen, and healthy collagen goes hand in hand with elastin in supporting the skin. The new Vitamin C moisturizer has 20% vitamin C in it, which is as vitamin C as is in the Vitamin C serum. So that is awesome. It also contains hyaluronic acid, (as do the vitamin c serum and the retinol moisturizer). It contains Vitamin A, plant stem cells, peptide complex, and MSM. All over, this product is supposed to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. Now, I realize I'm not old enough to deal with most of those things (I have fine lines, which I have told you about), but I figure if I start early, maybe I can just avoid those problems to begin with.

After using the Vitamin C serum and the retinol moisturizer. I realize it's super hard to tell in the photo (dang cell phones and crazy blaring lights in my bathroom), but my skin looks and feels amazing.

All of these products are just flat-out amazing. I have not been let down by one Insta Natural product so far. I have not had any adverse reactions with these new products (well, except for when I was using one incorrectly, silly me).

You can purchase these products on Amazon, as well as Insta Natural's web site.

Amazon - Vitamin C Serum
Amazon - Retinol Moisturizer 
Amazon - Vitamin C Moisturizer
Amazon - Insta Natural Products
Insta Natural website

If you compare the price of these products to similar anti-aging products in stores, you are going to find that these are a much better value. What's better, if you have Amazon Prime, you can have them ship for free (in 2 days none-the-less, you'll be looking amazing in no time). And I promise the ingredients in these products, are a lot less hideous than what you are going to find on the store shelves of your local big box stores. It's terrible going through the ingredient list in some products I see people using. But these are great.

I'm hoping that InstaNatural comes out with some moisturizer for hand/body soon, because I would be jumping all over that!

Also, Santa, if you are reading this, I wouldn't mind some InstaNatural Toner, Eye Serum, and Facial Oil Cleanser in my stocking. Hint hint. Wink wink. No seriously.

'Til next time,


I received the products in this blog post for free in exchange for review. However, I take my skin very seriously (I have dermatographia, I fight with acne, I suffer from very dry and sensitive skin), I would not recommend a product that I do not truly love. The opinions in this review are 100% my own.


  1. these are awesome products!!! I love using them!

  2. I have tried several InstaNatural products before and never had a bad experience. So I would love to try these too. I personally think I would benefit most from the Retinol Serum. I love the thick consistency it has from your photos. They all sound nice, thanks for sharing.