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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Rimmel London Scandaleyes and Gentle Eye MakeUp Remover

In my last post, I told you all about my wonderful Frosty Vox Box!

I wanted to give you a more in-depth review on two of the products inside the Vox Box, the Rimmel London Products.

The Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner retails for about $4.49.

With very gentle pressure, this eyeliner goes on bold and smooth (at least onto my hand).

And it truly does add a lot of definition to my eyes. It really does make them pop. My only complaint about this product is that with gentle pressure, it also smudges really easily.

And typically about halfway through the day, my eyeliner is all messed up (even if I take special care not to touch my eyes). Removing the eyeliner is extremely easy under running water, so it really isn't as waterproof as it claims. However, this is a brand I get coupons for a lot, and I can usually find some great deals on it, making it extremely cheap, so that's always something to look out for.

Great price
Can easily find coupons in my local paper
Easy to find in stores
Goes on smooth and bold

Not as waterproof as it claims
Smudges easily

Overall, I'm going to give this product 3 stars. It's ok.

The Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover retails for approximately $7.49, and I have seen it in my local Kmart store (always peruse the makeup isle in Kmart, they tend to have some amazing clearance prices that stack really well with coupons...especially this week since it's double coupon week).

Let's give this product a go!

With a fair bit of pressure (more than I would want to use on my eyes for sure), and quite a bit of wiping, it's starting to come off.

I scrubbed some more, and still a bit is left behind (this cotton ball was well-saturated with the product as well). My hand was slightly red from the scrubbing (look above to the very first photo I posted of the eyeliner on my hand - this was actually the second time I put it on my hand, and you can see the redness left from scrubbing it off the first time). What I find odd is, this same eyeliner wiped right off under running water, but scrubbing with the eye makeup remover, it took quite a bit of scrubbing.

Gentle Formula, not irritating to my eyes

It seems quite pricey (but should last a long time)
Takes quite a bit of scrubbing to fully remove the makeup (and when I use on my eyes, quite a bit is left behind)

I'm sorry, I've got to put this product at 1 star. It will remove the makeup, mostly, if you keep at it, but I feel using water is just as effective.

Overall, Rimmel has some products that are really easy on the wallet. There is a large range of products in a variety of colors. I do purchase their products when I find a good deal on them.

'Til next time,


I received these products in exchange for review from Influenster. Regardless, all views expressed in this blog post are completely my own.


  1. I love getting voxboxes!!! they are so much fun!

    1. they truly are! I saw there was a reese's spread one going out to people...totally jealous!

  2. I got my first voxbox. So fun! I have to agree with you on the eye makeup remover. Didn't work well for me either.