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Monday, December 15, 2014

I am done! I'm sick of it!

Don't worry, I'm not done with you! I'm not done with blogging! I'm not done with awesomeness!

I'm done with my weight, totally over it. back in 2010-2011 I lost 50 pounds and was at a stunning 120 pounds. Over the past few years I've crept back up to 147 (half of what I lost, I have gained back).

Am I saying that 147 isn't hot, well, no, not necessarily. I don't wear it well. I'm short, and to me, I feel like I look like a hobbit.

But there's more to it. I bought a lot of nice clothes when I was thin. I'm working again, and I can't fit into most of them (and what I can fit into, I can BARELY fit into), and who has that kind of money just laying around that they can buy a whole new wardrobe?

I'm struggling a lot lately with self-worth. I mean, I always have, but it just seems to get worse and worse. And I know as my weight goes up, my feelings of self-worth go down. Probably tied to all those ads saying that we should all look like sticks. While I know that's not the case, I want to feel better about myself. I want to be happy. I want to be healthy. I want to be able to fit in my danged clothes again! I want to not cringe at wearing a bathing suit (though, wearing a bathing suit is a really good reason to jump right into a pool despite how cold it may be...anything to get out of everybody's eyes).

It's cold here in Wyoming, well today anyway. It's snowing, and it's blowing, and it's friggin' cold! I wore a skirt (because I can't fit my pants) to work, and my legs were half frozen solid by the time I could go back inside (15 minutes later).

So, take those cookies, take those cinnamon rolls, take those damned Sara Lee Pumpkin cakes. This lady has had enough.

So, if you see some salad recipes popping up, or maybe some health product reviews popping up, or maybe some talk about workouts, or possibly some pins about plank challenges...now you know why. I'm on a mission.

Want to join me?


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