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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Send Me Gluten Free - an unboxing and breakdown of product/price


A couple weeks ago, my friend from http://whatrinaloves.blogspot.com notified me that I had won a free "Send Me Gluten Free" box. This is a subscription box that is priced based on how many months you decide you would like to purchase it for, and they send you a mix of full-size and sample-size products.

I love subscription boxes, you simply never know hat you are going to get...and suspense is awesome...and terrible all at the same time. But mostly, I love to not know what I'm going to get (ok, that's a blatant lie, suspense kills me, and I sneak around online and take sneak peaks...I'm so naughty!), and I love getting products that I have never heard of before!

I hope you enjoy this unboxing!

As promised, I have figured an approximate value for the products in the box -this is just rough estimates based on full values and sizes of samples.

Laska Noodles coupon - max value 7.99
Sweet Heat spice rub - 1.00?
Wow Butter - $0.50
Adult Gummies - $0.62
Kid Gummies - $0.27
Chebe focaccia mix - $2.56
Quinoa chips - $0.90
The Toasted Oat - granola - $0.75
Stock Concentrate - $3.16
Bouillon Cubes - $1.07
Mum Mum snacks - $0.36
Lucy's cookies - $1.60
Bonta d'Italia penne noodles - $0.89

Total estimated value of the box - less the information and % off coupons - ~$22

Total Cost of box
1 mo - $30/mo
3 mo - $26/mo
6 mo - $24/mo
12 mo - $20/mo

If you are interested in signing up or in learning more about this subscription box, you may visit their website here:


I just realized that I haven't touched on this yet...but their customer service seems quite nice. I obviously had to deal with somebody via email in order to get my box that I won, they responded very quickly to me and were very pleasant to deal with.

'Til next time,


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