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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Killer Within - by Jeff Gunhus

You may remember recently I wrote about a book that was sent to us by Jeff Gunhus. It was a book that reminded me a lot of some of my favorite series like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.

I promised you I would tell you about my thoughts on another book, and today, I'll make good on that.

This photo is a screenshot of the book as it is listed on Amazon (I wanted it to be clearer than a cell picture)

Jeff also sent us a copy of Killer Within. Now, by us, I really mean me. This is not a book for the kiddos, and my husband doesn't read (he thinks people that read books are weird, ha). The book is called "Killer Within." This is an Allison McNeil thriller (meaning that it's one of a group of books that she is to be in). I want to tell you about the book, but I'm going to be somewhat vague, I don't want to ruin anything for you!

Arnie is a pushover. He will do anything to appease people, he doesn't like to make waves. There is one thing that he is really attached to in life, and that is his son. When it comes to his son, he will do anything. One day he is at a convenient store, and he finds himself in the middle of a robbery. Arnie, again, doesn't like to make waves and follows the orders of the robber exactly. At some point, Arnie needs to make a decision, and this decision will change him for the rest of his life.

Fast forward 14 years, Arnie's wife has passed away, he is raising his son alone. He has made it big with stocks and is leading a very comfortable life (who are we kidding, this man is loaded) with his son and their nanny. One day, he meets the eyes of a beautiful woman named Allison. Allison is mysterious, and something about her peaks Arnie's interests. But Allison has deep, dark secrets of her own.


People are dying, being murdered, with seemingly no connection to each other (the method is different with each murder, but yet, something is making authorities wonder if they aren't connected).


I really don't want to say more than this, because I'm afraid I'll lead to some major spoilers.

Here's what I can say, usually I know what is going to happen in a book just by the way it is written. This was not the case with this book. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. The book never bored me, but kept me wanting to finish the book. I usually can tell who the killer is, and this time, I was terribly wrong...good thing I wasn't a potential victim in this book, because I sure wouldn't be here today!

What I love even more than the story is the writing by Jeff Gunhus. Usually within a chapter I can tell whether or not I'll read another book from an author. Don't get me wrong, I'll always finish a book, because I just need to know what happens. But some authors can just go on and on and on...will it ever end!? But Jeff seems to write exactly how my brain thinks, so it was super easy to read (the words just flowed so well across my eyes). I'm definitely excited to read the next book in the series.

So, where can you get your hands on this book?

I couldn't find his novels in our tiny town library, but that doesn't surprise me. Of course you know I'm in love with Amazon, and there, there you can find his books. This one in particular can be found here.

You need to read it now, right now, seriously, get to tapping with that mouse! Next on my list is Night Chill. I hope to read it over Christmas vacation!

'Til next time,


I received this book free in exchange for a blog review. Regardless, the opinions in this review are 100% my own, and have not been altered by anybody. I would never tell you to read a book I didn't think was amazing!

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