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Monday, January 5, 2015

The ToDo's family is back to routine

It's been a crazy past two weeks, crazy and wonderful two weeks.

My grandmother and sister (as well as my nephew and my sister's squeeze) came over for Christmas eve. We had ham (my first time ever cooking a non-pressed ham), mashed potatoes, orange fluff (nut free, yes it was), macaroni with corn (OMG, if you have never tried this, you really need to), pies, and cheesecake.

It was a great chance to show the family our new home, in our new town. And we were able to catch up on the last...well...forever. I think we need to make a habit out of this, it was a lot of fun.

The kids had a great Christmas.

My husband put together a huge box of art supplies, and the kids seriously loved it!

A friend mailed a doll to my friend, it is so cute, and my daughter was so grateful.

My son got the awesome Scorpion dart gun that I won from Twitter a few weeks prior to Christmas.

They got these sweet new water bottles. After the kids have had time to test them out, I'll do a review on them, as far as cuteness goes, they are five star. This will help us to have less waste in our school lunches, and I can buy juice on sale more often than juice boxes. So this was probably my favorite Christmas present (we stuffed them in the kids' stockings, no candy this year).

I became the household Buzzle Ball champion. Everybody tried for days to make this insolvable for me, but nobody could fool me! I learned about this product from a Twitter party I went to, and have wanted to get the kids one ever since, seemed like a great time to get one.

My husband made the cat a collar out of the paracord we got our daughter for Christmas. This is the first collar the cat has not tried to take off. I would say he likes it.

He also totally loves to sleep, what a nut! He definitely caught some z's over the vacation.

A year ago, I went to my first auction, and I picked up this beautiful wooden cook stove. You probably saw it in my very first blog post. I am in love with it. We bought it to use as a microwave stand, but when we moved, the house had a microwave above the stove, so that huge clunker that needed it's own huge stand, is no longer needed. We have been putting fruit and veggies on it, but it always worries me that we will ruin the cast-iron top and make it rust. So over vacation, we bought a countertop, and just plopped it right on top. This allows for more room, protects the top, and didn't harm the old stove one bit (it's literally just placed on top). I love how it looks.

We changed the driver side wheel bearing on my husband's truck. What should have taken an hour, took all day. But now the truck is fixed, and I learned how to run a lift (it was my job to bring it up and down when he realized another tool from the back of the pickup was needed).

We replaced a thermostat in the house for the furnace, after we realized it was calling for heat 6 times an hour, even though it wasn't dropping in temperature. And temporarily made the furnace go out of commission due to reduced air flow, thankfully that was an easy fix.

My son, who is 7, decided to eat a jawbreaker...and came to us crying with a mouth full of blood. Thankfully we got lucky, and he had a tooth that would have been loose shortly, get traumatically jostled maybe a month early. What's odd, it was a 10-12 year molar...or the second molar. But the roots were gone, and there was healed gum beneath it, so all is well (appears to have been helped out by a tooth pushing on it from behind). I'll tell you, I'm not queasy to blood, but when it's your own child, it'll make you pretty woozy.

The kids played video games, we had a snow ball fight (and we even had some decent snow fall on Christmas). 

Overall, we had a wonderful Christmas break. 

Now...back to work!

'Til next time,


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