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Thursday, January 15, 2015

 I have an interesting gadget that I received in the mail today. I found a random code that somebody had posted on Facebook, that made this bad boy free...it was only for a specific number of units and then boom, all gone.

I'll be honest, I had no hope for this product. Why? Because I bought some pet stain remover w/ wand light years ago when we were toilet training the cat, just to make sure that he wasn't having booboos. He never did, but that darn black light didn't light anything up. I walked around the house looking for anything that would light up, and nothing.

In May of last year we moved into a new house. When we looked at the house, we noticed an odor, but the house owners passed it off as having not done the litter box because they didn't know company was coming. Well, having not had a litter box in our house for the past few years, I imagine we were crazy sensitive to the smell, ok, we'll let it slide. And then we moved in...and we realized we had been taken! Not only was that NOT a litter box smell...but the smell emanating from the basement, was in fact cat urine, everywhere. There were pools of sticky urine every four inches on the basement floor. I went crazy cleaning this up. I spent days mopping and removing, using Zep odor control (amazing) and some enzymatic cleaner (not sure of the name, but found it in the pet section at Menards). And the house is livable now, most people don't notice the smell. But every once in a while, when the temperature fluctuates drastically, we get just a whiff...so that's what I'm going to use this flashlight to find...the source of the remaining odors!

What's most embarrassing is, it's not our cat that is smelling...we pride ourselves on having a clean house, and our cat uses the toilet every single time!

This is advertised on Amazon as having no batteries, so don't be alarmed when the box says there are batteries, and yet there are none.

This is an LED version of a UV light. And when I first popped the batteries in and looked at the lights, I'll be honest, I was losing the little hope that I had left.

And then I turned it around and it caught a tiny crumb of candy cane that was on my finger (how did that get there?).

As I walked around the house...I found tons of things that light up! The cord for the wii charger is stunning!

There are fuzz balls all over the futon!

Water damage in the basement...looks crazy!

The steps need a sweeping!

A thread is laying in my laundry room, and around it you can see some glowing...indicating some urine that isn't fully gone.

And now we are going to get gross. I'm serious, I scrubbed this basement, over and over and over...there is nothing visible to the eye under regular lights...and although most of the odor is gone, can we find the source of the remainder?

Remember, this floor was mopped repeatedly, and enzyme cleaners were used.

You can see cat urine streaked on the floor from the mop.

The mop didn't get that up at all!

I'm astonished at how much was left behind even after all the scrubbing I did.

These last two pictures found something totally gnarly. When our friends were helping us move things in, furniture was placed in the basement, and some of it was left...and as I went discovering yesterday, what did I find? A cart had been placed over top of some old urine, and this didn't get mopped up at all. When I moved the cart, I caught a nice big whiff. I'm confident that this is the culprit of the random bits of stink that we get upstairs. And this was addressed immediately.

So, overall...what do I think about this product?

Uses batteries I have on hand
Price isn't bad
Extremely Effective

Box says batteries come with it, but the Amazon link does clearly state that it does not, so I will not downrate the product for this.

Overall, I'm super pleased with this product.

AND! If you want to make sure your children are getting all of their tooth surfaces clean...plaque will fluoresce pink... I tried it this morning and sent my kids right back to the bathroom. They brushed really good the second time, the light doesn't lie!

If you have pets, or children, or just want to prove to your husband that he misses the toilet...you need to get this light! You can buy yours here.

'Til next time,


I received this product for free using a promotional code found on FaceBook. I was very impressed by the product and wanted to share what I found using it.

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