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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Organic Seeds Garden - Gift Pack - review

 Yesterday, I received this cute little box in the mail. I have been waiting all week for it (darned holidays), and have been on the edge of my seat.

Why am I so excited? I don't know if you guys realized by the header on this blog...but I love to garden! In fact, come spring/summer, you're going to be getting lots of garden updates, tips, tricks, and information.

We moved to town this year, and even that didn't stop us from having an amazing full garden.

What did stop us was stink bugs, and those stink bugs literally ruined hundreds of pounds of tomatoes. I was devastated. But we are currently in the planning stages of next year's garden, and we are currently tossing around several ideas on how to protect the tomatoes. We are also planning a new placement for the garden, where we can put even more food in, and make the most of our tiny town yard, and believe me, it's going to be epic, so hang around for that.

Enter the Seeds Garden - Gift pack.

This box contains 10 packets of organic seeds, sticky labels, and sticks for row/food markers.

The seeds that are included are onions, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, cherry tomato, chili pepper, radish (my husband will be so excited for the radish seeds, he loves radishes, I don't love what radishes do to him), carrots, red pepper, and courgette (known here as "zucchini").

The labels that are included are basically large glossy (and dare I say, super adorable) stickers. You stick the popsicle stick on the sticky side, and fold over. The labels are nice and thick, stick well, and by all appearances, should hold up for the duration of our garden.

We didn't plant any seeds yet. Living in Wyoming, we are at least 5 months out from plant date, and starting plants inside would lead to us having to toss them, and that's no fun. But I'm definitely planting all of these in a few months for transplanting to our garden in late May/early June.

So, what has me so excited about seeds...????

These seeds are organic! We try to stay organic as much as possible (although, if it comes down to crop loss, I'm willing to budge). Organic seeds here cost loads of money, I'm talking $5/package or more. Seeds that aren't organic are still around $3/package.

On top of seeds, you then have to purchase garden markers, and those often are a few dollars a pack as well.

This kit has everything you need to start your garden, and be well on your way to supplementing the food you need to buy from the store. It would make a great gift for a new neighbor, a family member, and even a child interested in gardening.

This product is currently on sale for just under $20 (which is a steal if you consider 10 packages of organic seeds at $5/ea from the store). These are all of the seeds that we buy every year for our garden (well, and I do add in some yellow squash and sometimes some pumpkins), so I find it to be a great value.

What's even better, the company that I worked with to get this gift pack has been amazing. They have been quick to respond to any questions that I have, and have always been polite. Businesses that put that much effort into their customer service are ones that will get business from me time and time again.

Want to join me and become just a little more self-sufficient? Get these seeds on order, and stay tuned, I'll have lots of great tips and tricks for you as the months get warmer!

'Til next time,


This product was provided to me in exchange for a review. Regardless, the opinions in this review are 100% my own. I'm genuinely excited about this product, and boy am I itching for some warm weather so I can get this garden started!

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