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Monday, November 3, 2014

One Soda - One Cake

My daughter turned 9 on Wednesday (yes, I'm a bit late to post this!). I stayed home and was going to make her a cake, and then I realized I had used the eggs in the previous night's dinner. How could I do something so silly! So, I had a couple choices, either go buy eggs, or figure out another way. Well, we had cream soda, why not give that a go!? I know that soda is not a healthy things to drink all the time, and I know that boxed cake mix, also not an everyday thing. But that's just it, everything in moderation. So the next time you find yourself without eggs, but with a soda, give this a try.

There are so many different combinations you could try too!
Dr. Pepper - cherry cake
Sprite - in any cake
Cream soda - chocolate cake
cherry coke - chocolate cake

You see? the possibilities are endless.

All you need is ONE soda, and ONE box of cake mix

Take the two ingredients, and put them in a bowl!

Mix well!

Place in a greased pan, bake per directions on the back. Do not be alarmed if it does not appear done when the time is up, if it's not done, go ten minutes more. It'll take just a bit longer, but it'll get done.

Easy as that, you have a super moist cake, perfect for a birthday, or any other day (every day, I love cake, I could eat it every day)

We left part of the cake unfrosted for our neighbor (she's diabetic and said she could have a small unfrosted piece). I wrapped my daughter's presents in comics (I forgot the wrapping paper, such a bad mother, but really, comics are so cute as wrapping paper, and my kids love them too). 

I got her some paracord bracelets materials and a book. She loves her rubber band bracelets so much, I thought maybe she would like to learn how to make another kind of bracelet. She enjoyed it thoroughly! And she is catching on quick! :)

Until next time,


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