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Saturday, November 29, 2014

November Freebies!

The month is over (mail-wise) as of today, so it's time to unbox all my boxes of goodies and share them with you!

Wowza! It surely has been a great month. This is only the products that are free, with no review required (so not quite everything is in this picture). Good thing, because it was hard enough to get all this in the picture. So let's go through it all. That big paddle in the middle came from Grizzly (the chew company, for a promotional thing, you can also win more by showing them what you are cooking with it).

I got a lot of free product coupons this month. The ones that came from King Soopers were a surprise, which is always nice. The silk coupon is from getting up at 1 AM EST and being one of the first thousand to apply for it. The dog treat coupon I won with a seek and stash game, and yes there is a new one available to play here. The chex coupons were from me getting one bag of stale chex last month. I called in an unsealed bottle of hungry jack syrup that I purchased without knowing the seal was compromised, so they sent two coupons to make up for that. And I got a deodorant coupon for my husband, because the last stuff we bought gave him a headache and smelled terrible. It smelled great in the container...oops. And I got a Zest body wash coupon from a Facebook giveaway they were doing.

I went and redeemed those coupons today because I had to return a shark steam mop...do not ask...I'm glad that was not a product to review! I also had the dog treat coupon expiring today, so I made sure to go ahead and get it. The liquid plumr shouldn't be in the photo, oops, that was from last month...just ignore it!

I got an arnicare prize pack from a twitter party #twoblogsholidaygiftguide twitter party. On days I'm not working, I google lists of twitter parties that are going on and choose ones that interest me. So I got a water bottle (that spritzes you in if you pull a trigger), a shirt, arnicare cream, and arnicare gel.

I got a whole box of suave professionals products from a #hairofthedy twitter party. I was so surprised because I only expected it to be a couple bottles, and the box was so heavy. I opened it and was jumping through the roof. There are some leave-in conditioners in there, hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, gels, mousse, dry shampoo..the list goes on. Super excited about that one. In the back you see a package of toilet paper. I joked to my husband that if I ever got TP for free, my life would be complete, and then not one...but two packages of toilet paper came in the mail this month. This first one was from Coupon Clipinista on Facebook. She really is awesome, and she is very honest with prizes. Enough so that she still sent me my prize even though she banned me. Check her out on Facebook. She knows about all the good giveaways, and is always giving away things herself. The deodorant is from the monthly Allure giveaways. This one was from the first week of October. I have gotten a lot of deodorant in the mail lately, so I think I'm set for a while (there was the secret clinical strength in my WM beauty box, the secret clear gel from bzzagent, and now this one, and I know of at least one more coming, so this is awesome).

For samples this month I got a DKNY perfume sample (just a little pad of scent, not a tube), some garnier fructis marvelous oil, and a sample of three Unwash products. I haven't gotten into any of these yet because of the products I'm currently reviewing.

I got some jamberry samples, three tubes of sample size toothpaste (one was from a smiley360 survey from a friend actually getting the mission, and the other two are from the Veo app, which you can download on your phone). The nutella sample is also from the Veo app. There is a small bottle of sweet orange oil, that was a promotion on facebook/amazon. The first 100 every day for a few days got it for free. The package of salmon you see in the background, that was from a Facebook win ;) It's hard to see but that package that says YES is a yes to coconut chapstick, free after coupon and rebate on ibotta (I hope I have the right rebate app in my head, but regardless, it was free).

The wheat thins and this very "stylish" fanny pack are from the wheat bash on Facebook. I'm surprised they chose to ship the wheat thins, instead of just sending a free coupon, but it's awesome. The special k and nutri-grain bars were free from kmart. They randomly give me $5 in SYW rewards. I already had a few cents on there, add the $5...these were all on clearance and I had some great coupons on me. Making all of these boxes come in at just under the amount I had gotten for free on my SYW rewards card. Now, I don't know if everybody gets these free rewards, or if it is specific to only people who have a personal shopper. I have Thrifty Momma Ramblings as my personal shopper. The hemp protein powder was a win on twitter at a party about organic/healthy living. There is a Natural Balance dog food sample in the bottom right of this picture, that was requested from the company. And the box of poise...well...it also was PART of a twitter party win. I will be donating those, as I don't currently have a need for them...yet...

I got a whole case of these dry roasted edamame...now, I didn't win these, I didn't buy them...they were accidentally placed in a box that was shipped to me by amazon. What I had ordered was some face wash, and what I got was one of the two bottles I ordered, and then a case of this! Well, amazon said to keep the case, and they refunded me for both of the face washes...even though I did in fact get one of them. So the face wash was up there in the suave picture. Amazon is pretty awesome. The candle tips you see in this photo are from some battery operated LED candles I got free from Menards with their free after rebate program. Cool thing about this, I actually made money on these ones. Menards was doing a christmas sale, and an 11% off everything sale at the same time. I thought these would be exempt and just be free, nope, they also got the 11% off rebate. So I get my money back and then 11%. Awesome!

I got all of these dog toys, plus one not pictured, this dog sweater, and the dog harness all from a #petrendweather twitter party. I thought I was just getting one toy and one sweater and the harness, I was flabbergasted when I opened this box. So thankful, and my dog is so so so happy! The lego Club magazine came at the beginning of the month, my son will be so happy to get that today. You can get that for free too! Sign up here.

On top of that, I got $20 GC to panda express, redeemed today. Not a huge fan, but my daughter and I had a nice girls day out today with this card.

That ALMOST finishes it off...here are the items I got for review...not pictured are two books, I will be reviewing those shortly as well. Some of these haven't been reviewed yet, but when they are, the reviews will be here on my blog. I only leave honest reviews, so rest assured, if something sucks...I am going to tell you!

The toilet paper was a 4 pack of scotts new tube-free, and I kept one and shared the others. The rucola revitalizing drops came from crowd tap (as well as the tube free tp). I also got some mud mask, hair mask, hyaluronic acid, hair oil, moisturizer, and emu oil for review. And the portable charger and the dinosaur, also for review. Awesome products, I'll tell you more about them later! :)

So, all in all it has been a great month. I'm so excited for everything that came in!

'til next time,



  1. Woaw! That's a lot of stuff! I can never keep them waiting for a whole month. Usually they freebies and goodies are gone within a few days

    1. anything that needs reviewed, never makes it to the pile. And yes it's super hard sometimes. Admittedly, the dog got a toy or two before the end of the month, he's super spoiled

  2. Awesome, a lot of great freebies you got there.

    1. thanks! it is super fun getting them too, and at the end of the month, checking it all out, it's like Christmas!