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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dinosaur T-Rex Room Guard with Motion Sensor - Review

Dinosaurs are awesome. They are strong, they are loud, they are scaly and scary. What's not to love about dinosaurs? Meet the Dinosaur T-Rex Room Guard

He definitely has a ferocious set of teeth there doesn't he? Let's go over his features!

The T-rex room guard has a compartment on his back...

It holds these slides. The slides can be placed in a slot on his back, and can project dinosaur images onto your wall. There are 24 images in total, so that's 8 per disk. They are color-coded, so your child can pick out his/her favorite disk just by looking at the color. 

On The T-rex's belly you find the battery compartment. There is a screw holding it closed, so your child cannot remove the batteries (plus for that, but yeah, you have to get out a screwdriver). This dinosaur runs on 3 AA batteries. The orange button on the bottom of his tail will turn him on and off.

If you look above to the compartment picture, you'll notice there is a slider switch. If it's turned to lock, the dinosaur will act as a room guard, and the projector will not turn on. Slide the switch to lock, press the orange button, and this t-rex will sense intruders and let out a loud ROAR to scare them away. Slide it to the power symbol and press the orange button, and you have a projector screen that will show you all sorts of dinosaurs (my son's favorite part). In either mode, simply press the orange button, and the dinosaur will turn off.

The projector is located under the dinosaur's neck. When you place a disk in his back and turn on the projector, the images will project up to about 3 feet away from a surface. If it's out of focus, simply move his right arm up or down to bring the image into focus. His left arm is also moveable, but will not affect the picture.

I apologize in advance, my camera phone does not pick up images well in the dark, but here are a few of the slides on one of the discs. 

The motion sensor is also on the belly of the dinosaur, but below the projector. The sensor works by sensing changes in light changes, so it will not work in a dark room. It does work without fail if there is even just light coming in from the window (my son's room is pretty well-lit by those windows). 
You can move the jaw of the dinosaur slightly open and closed, and his legs are posable as well. 

The dinosaur is just slightly below my son's knee (he just turned 7 this week and is pretty tall for his age). 

I'll be honest, I felt the dinosaur would be fun, but that it would be quickly walked away from. I was absolutely wrong!

From the day my son got this in the mail, he has not put it down. He loves to turn off the lights and flip through all the photos and say he is playing a movie. He found that if he removed the slides, he could use the dinosaur as a flashlight. And the roaring feature, he finds to be way too fun. I will not lie, this dinosaur is loud!

So, let's go through some pros and cons of this toy!

Room guard is a fun feature
24 dinosaur pictures to project on the wall
Easy to use
Easy to set up (just take it out of the box, add batteries, and turn it on)
Appears to be well-built
Screw on the battery case to keep children from removing batteries

None that I can find

This dinosaur will set you back around $50 on Amazon right now here. The price threw me off a bit at first, $50 is a pretty chunk of change. But after seeing what kind of toys you can get these days for $50 at your local store, it's actually spot-on. 

Overall, if your child loves dinosaurs, this toy will be a huge hit!

'til next time


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