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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ceremonial Grade Matcha - Kiss Me Organics

 I was so lucky to have tried the culinary grade matcha from KissMe organics, and it is wonderful in smoothies! But today, I got the chance to try the ceremonial grade! So now, to finally try a delicious cup of matcha latte!

What I received was one 1oz tin of ceremonial grade matcha. It runs about $28.00 on Amazon, which is very much in line with the pricing of other matcha products claiming to have the same level of awesomeness (same grade).

When I opened the tin, I was surprised to find the can is sealed with more than just the screw-on lid! Pull the tab and you are in business...

Except wait...inside the sealed can that is sealed again, there is a sealed bag...

And finally, inside lies my matcha! This makes me so happy. Kiss Me Organics went through so much trouble to make sure that this product would come to customers in the absolute freshest way possible! Light oxidizes matcha, but this packaging will guarantee this doesn't happen!

As you can tell, this matcha is a LOT greener than the culinary grade! Pictured on the left is the ceremonial grade, and on the right is the culinary grade.

So what's the difference between the two? Well obviously they both have healthy benefits and are LOADED with antioxidants. But ceremonial grade matcha is shaded during the growing process (evidently culinary matcha does not get shaded, or get shaded for as long). The culinary matcha has more bitterness to it, and less sweetness. The ceremonial grade matcha is sweeter and less bitter, it also mixes better with liquid (not sure what the difference there is, but I noticed this when making my tea). The higher the grade of matcha, the better the quality of the leaves it originated from, the pickier they are during processing, and the better the flavor profile. So obviously, this ceremonial grade is a perfect match for a tea.

I started by heating a few tablespoons of water to almost boiling. I added about 1 tsp of ceremonial grade matcha and started whisking with my tiny whisk. The color is so beautiful.

I then heated up a cup of my favorite almond milk, and dumped it over the green tea concentrate I made in the previous step. Whisked it all up, and I have a beautiful green tea latte.

For even more deliciousness, try just a splash of Pumpkin Pie creamer (I probably just made any matcha snob reading this scoff, but it really was delicious, and hey, it's definitely the season for pumpkin flavored things). 

I was able to tell immediately that this matcha is lacking the slight bitter note that the culinary grade matcha had. I also could tell it was much sweeter. I had no problem drinking this, and quite enjoyed it (no wrinkled noses here). 

So, which should you buy? Kiss Me Organics is a great company that offers wonderful products, but which one? I see it like this, if you want to get your antioxidants, but want to make smoothies, or cookies, or cakes...save some money and buy the culinary grade. If you want an amazing matcha latte like you would get at a specialty coffee store, definitely go with the ceremonial grade.

You can purchase the ceremonial grade here

Or if you prefer, the culinary grade is available here

Remember, when storing your matcha, light is your enemy. The best possible place to keep your matcha is sealed in the container you received it in, and preferably in the refrigerator. Matcha will keep for about a year...but I have no doubt it will not last that long!

'til next time,


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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