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Monday, November 10, 2014

Zep Crowdtap Sampling

Recently, Crowdtap and Zep gave me the opportunity to try some of the cleaners in the Zep product line. I received some Quick Clean Disinfectant and some All-Around Oxy cleaner and degreaser.

I actually have purchased and use a couple of Zep products in my home already. I use the hardwood floor cleaner (which I put in my Bona mop, sorry Bona). I also use the Zep Odor Control. When we first moved into our home, it smelled like it had been used as a litter box for years. So we scrubbed the whole basement down repeatedly with the odor control product, and low and behold, this house is livable now!

So, of course I'm excited to try some products that I haven't come across yet (probably because I was on a mission to find one specific thing, and that's all I looked for).  So of course I instantly put these products to the test!

I live with two boys, plus a cat that uses the toilet...and I am always so amazed at where all pee can turn up on this toilet! The Zep Quick Clean Disinfectant worked wonderfully in making our bathroom a non-hazmat zone. Thank goodness. I also like to use it on my counters in the kitchen, goodness knows we don't want raw chicken germs ending up anywhere! This product has worked wonderfully for cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom, and for that, I may just add it to my arsenal of cleaning products (just as soon as my gallon jug of Zep Lemonex is gone).

Next up is the Zep All-Around Oxy. First I tried it on an old rug we have. The spot you see on the left is one of many vomit stains left by our cat (whom has severe allergies and vomits A LOT). We have tried to remove the stains before with several different stain-removing products, all of which failed to remove the stain. But as you can see, Zep actually got rid of most of it. So, score one for Zep all-around Oxy.

And then, there's the white sink. This thing gets stained if you look at it funny. My current product of choice happens to be the powdered Comet that our parents used to use....and it works great for this. 

Although the all-around oxy did pretty good with the carpet, and it did do an OK job with the sink, I think this is one job I'll leave to my Comet powder, as the stains are still quite visible on the sink.

Hey, can't win them all!

Overall, this has been a great experience. I will definitely continue to use the quick clean disinfectant in the house. I don't think that I will purchase any more of the all-around oxy for our home when this little bottle is gone though. Unfortunately, we have all hard floors in this home, so that one rug is basically the only use I could find for it. I do see that it can be used on fabric, but haven't tried that yet. 

Have you tried any Zep products? Which ones are your favorite?

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