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Friday, October 31, 2014

October Freebies!

I decided to do things a bit different this time! I got a lot of freebies this month!

Two things I forgot to mention, my daughter got about $80 worth of Littlest PetShop toys from BzzAgent (she's 8, so my mission, but she is an integral part of course). And I got a lot of Campbells products from Crowdtap (cutting board, spoon, mixing/shaker cup, tons of products and coupons).

I went ahead and just put them into videos! :) Unfortunately youtube made me break it into two parts...but here ya go! 

Edit: The chobani came from BzzAgent, not smiley!
Edit: Shop Your Way is for Kmart...not Target, LOL
8:25 my cat makes an appearance as he tries to get my windshield cleaners!

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Maxboost giveaway: https://www.facebook.com/mymaxboost
King Soopers Free Friday Download: 
3:45ish - I'm rushing because I saw my husband coming and I was hoping to get it all done before he walked in, and I failed miserably. LOL.

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