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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Walmart Beauty Box - Fall 2014 Box

Recently there has been a lot of talk about the Walmart Beauty Box. I have never had a subscription box before, so naturally I'm a bit hesitant. And then the fact I had never heard of there being such a thing as a Walmart subscription box, I'm even more hesitant. So when I first heard about it, I did NOT subscribe. But as the days wore on, I got more and more curious. Finally, and by finally I mean it was really only a week or so later, but it felt like FOREVER, somebody posted a pic of their box. And I knew I wanted to try it right then and there.

So, I go ahead and sign up. The BEAUTY of the Walmart Beauty Box is it's only $5 shipping, the box itself is free, though I don't consider it a freebie because I did have to pay the shipping. It comes 4 times a year (each season you get a new one). Each time, you only get charged $5 to cover the shipping. And you can cancel at any time. Seriously, there is a huge button in your account that says "cancel subscription," easy as pie. 

My beauty box came in yesterday. I could not be more happy about it. Now, yes, there are a lot of samples, and some full-sized products too, but I really do feel like I got my $5 worth out of the box. 

There is a sample (0.4 oz) of Dove Pure Care Dry Oil. This really is a generously sized sample because it only takes a few drops on the ends of your hair. This could last a couple of weeks if you use it as directed. The smell is reminiscent of baby oil to me. I tried it last night, and I was very pleased with how easy it was to use, and how so little went such a long way. I will continue to use it until it's gone. I'm not sure if I'll purchase after that or not as I have not researched the price or benefits of the product. LOL.

There is a generously sized sample of Pink Friday perfume in the box. Why do I say generously-sized? Well, it's a tube, not a wipe or a pad of fragrance, and if you just do a quick dab, it's sure to last a few weeks or longer as well. And it smells really awesome, so I'm happy to start using this in my day-to-day routine as I currently do not use perfume at all. And I have a hard time finding a perfume because I refuse to pay tons of money for something that I probably won't like. So free is great!

There is a full-size cover girl glosstini nail polish in black. This is one product I'm glad I got to try before I buy. I'm not a fan of this nail polish. It goes on thin and though it dries not fast but within a reasonable amount of time, it remains "dentable" for longer than I prefer with a nail polish. I don't like to sit still long enough for that!

There is a little sample of Loreal YouthCode Pore Vanisher. It's literally enough for one use. But I love that I get to try something that I really should be buying, but again don't want to spend money on it only to find out it doesn't work well for me. I haven't tried it yet. So no reports on that :)

I received a card that has 8 different shades of a very tiny dab of Neutrogena nourishing long wear makeup. The purpose of the card is to find your perfect match BEFORE you purchase the product. Now, that's helpful! I have bought makeup before only to find it doesn't match as well as hoped, and it was a disaster. So, that's awfully nifty! 

There is a generously sized 1 fl oz sample of Doves Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Moister Conditioner and a 1 oz Oxygen Moisture shampoo. One ounce is enough to wash your hair a few times and genuinely know if you are going to like it. Or to stick in a travel bag, whichever you prefer. I will use it and see what I think. It smells really good, that's all I know about it so far seeing as though I just got it yesterday!

There is a full size L'oreal Glossy Balm (the color I got was petite plum, which I actually really like, it goes well with my hair for sure). These retail at walmart for $6.97! What's most exciting is I would call it a bit of a daring color for me. I usually stick with the very neutral, almost the exact same color as my lips kinda colors. And this is definitely darker than what I typically have in my makeup box. And I've always wanted to try products like this before, and again, I shudder at spending money on something I don't know. It sure let me know I need to buy some chapstick, because everywhere your lips are dry and cracked it is super dark in those spots. So, need to get some chapstick (*hint hint for the next beauty box*)

And lastly I got a Secret Clinical Strength. This is a full-size sample (1.6) ounces that shows on Walmart's website as retailing for $7.92. It's the completely clean scent, so glad they didn't send like a powder fresh or something like that. Powder Fresh is so overdone in my opinion and I wouldn't have even tried it. So, I'm excited to try it, because I will tell you this...I would NEVER spend $8 on a deodorant. In fact, I like to stock up when I can get it for under $2. HAHAHA!

The only thing I strongly dislike about this box...is that I cannot have it every month. I would gladly pay $5 every month to get a box like this. 

There is also a hope from Walmart that you will go and review the products, and they may even send a survey. That is something I will gladly do for the samples. Heck, I do that all the time with other sites, so that's no big deal.

If you would like to try it out go here. Also, Walmart has a BABY BOX! I saw pictures of people's boxes this month and there was a binky and some sort of wipes and some soaps...not totally sure what all was in there, but it was worth the $5 as well, if nothing else, definitely stuff to put in the go-bag. So, if you want to try that one go here.

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