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Monday, October 20, 2014

Cassani - Fogless Shower Review - My thoughts!

I recently was given the opportunity to test a fogless shower mirror, and having had this on my "to-purchase" list for quite some time, I decided that I definitely wanted to be a part of this. My husband loves to have one of these in the shower, but to be honest, I'm tired of buying them. Every time I pick one up at a local big-box store, it either doesn't work as it says it will, or is very small, or is cheaply made. The ones that we have purchased in the past that have been advertised as fog-free and actually function as such, have been short-lived and unusable within weeks (hard water residue, breaking, no longer fog-free). So, I walked into this thinking "no way!" or "well, we'll see about that."

Upon receiving the Cassani fog-free shower mirror, I notice right off the bat that it's different than the rest. It's HUGE compared to any mirror we have purchased in the past, the viewing surface is flawless (you can see yourself so well in it), there is no ugly frame around the edge taking up space and causing more water to settle and turn into hard-water stains, and over-all it just looks really high-end. From the photos on Amazon, I guess I just wasn't expecting it to be so big and pretty!

I actually posted a video on youtube, an unboxing if you will

Excuse my really red face, I don't know what was going on that day! :) So, now you can see what I see, it's huge, it's pretty...but does it work!?

I just stepped out of a nice warm shower and threw on some clothes, so I could catch a picture of the mirror BEFORE the rest of the bathroom defogged. As you can see, you can see me perfectly!

The mirror behind me by the sink is foggy as can be!

Yup, you can see through the mirror that the mirror behind me is completely fogged over. You can see there is a bit of rippling in the mirror. I accidentally got some splashes of water on it, and didn't dry them off at the time of the picture.

Now, there are some important things to remember when using this mirror. I was given instructions by the company on how to care for the mirror, and I'm literally going to copy and paste those instructions here below

How is The Cassani Shower Mirror Fogless?
By warming the mirror with the shower stream the difference in temperature between the shower air and the mirror disappears. With mirror and shower being the same temperature there will not be any fog.
What Is The Best Way To Clean My Shower Mirror?
NOT use cleaning products on this mirror.

Our Anti-Fog Nanotechnology is infused into the reflection surface.
Using cleaning products here will very likely remove our anti-fog magic.
We recommend cleaning your fogless mirror as if it were your favorite pair of sunglasses, using only a very soft cloth and warm water.

Where Should I NOT Place My Mirror?
We recommend you placing your mirror away from areas in the direct shower stream or where cooler air may enter from outside the shower.  We also advise to try and keep the mirror away from spray spray as well.  Do a test run first before placing your mirror and razor hooks. 
How To Attach My Wall Mounts?
1) Clean the area in your shower where you will put your mirror and razor hooks with rubbing alcohol and make sure the surface is very dry before putting the adhesives in place.   
2) Place pressure on the hook(s) for 30-45 seconds
3) Allow the hooks a few hours to set before hanging anything on them. 
This will almost guarantee that your wall mounts stay in place as long as you need them to. :)  


So, basically, do not put in the direct stream of water (so we put ours to the side and above the stream of water, way too high for me, but hey, I'm not the one shaving, it's at my husband's perfect height).

Do not use chemicals to clean the mirror, use only a soft cloth and warm water.

Keep in the warmth of the shower but out of cool drafts (I imagine if a cool draft hit it, it would start to fog up).

I think the mirror works perfectly, now it has to stand up to my husband, who is inherently unhappy with almost every product we ever have in the house. And guess what!? He came out of the shower smiling, making me feel his face, saying how much he loved shaving in the shower again. So, he is one happy camper when it comes to this mirror.

And as the woman of the house, so am I. If my husband is shaving in the shower, he is keeping his "beard crumbs" out of my freshly cleaned sink, and in a place that I can easily just turn the water back on to wash down (if they haven't already washed down). And this will also keep him shaving more often, thank goodness, nobody likes a prickly face.

So, let's get a full list of pros and cons going:

Large viewing surface
Shatter-proof design
Comes with a separate razor hook
Looks very high-end
Actually IS fog-free

NONE that I can think of

I absolutely love this mirror, and I have one even better piece of awesomeness to share with you before this post ends, this mirror retails for...$14.99 on Amazon.com. That is HALF the price for twice the mirror over any other fog-free mirror I have purchased in the past. This would make a great stocking stuffer (if your stocking is big enough), a great christmas present, a great birthday present, or a great present to yourself (no more cleaning hair out of the sink if you buy this for the man in your life). Or maybe you want it for you, for making sure you got every inch of your face scrubbed down in the shower? Regardless, I highly recommend you go here and purchase this product.

Until next time,


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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