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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Target Haul 10/9/2014

I know this isn't nearly as good as some people got this week, but regardless, I'm super excited. I had to work with what coupons I had and what deals were actually working in our store.

Here's what I actually paid for

And this is what all I got!

And here's a rundown of how I did it. There are several different combinations you could use, but this is what I chose because this is what we had available at our store.

So, the first thing I did today was text BRANDS4 to 827438
Then I received a text back with a link that gave me a scannable (from my phone) barcode that gave me a $10 coupon if I spent a total of $40 on qualifying brands (like Axe, Caress, Clear, Degree, Dove, Edge, Just for Me, Lever 200, etc). For a full list, you can text to that same number and get your own unique code.

So, first things first, I had to get my initial purchase price up to $40.

I bought 4 Tresseme products ($4.99 for a shampoo, $4.99 for a conditioner, $4.99 for a hairspray, and $3.99 for another shampoo)
I bought 2 Suave dry shampoos (retailing for $2.84/ea on sale) - always wanted to try dry shampoo but never wanted to pay full price for it.
I bought a Razor (Shick hydrosilk for $9.99)
I bought a box of UbyKotex Tampons (retails for $3.79)
And I got a Suave body wash (retailed for $2.69)

This totaled up to $40.81 plus tax, so I have met my $40 purchase for the offer.

I also got 4 toothbrushes and a soda (toothbrushes were $0.99/ea and the soda was $1.69...way too much but whatever).

Now, it's coupon time. First, he rings up the first 3 tresemme products and the register prompts him to hand me a $5 GC. Then after ringing the rest of the items up, he scans my phone that I have the barcode pulled up on and his register prompts him to hand me another $10 GC.
I had 2 coupons that were $5 if I buy 2 of ANY tresemme products
I had 1 coupon for $5 off any Shick HydroSilk razor
I had a coupon that gave me a free body wash with the purchase of any 2 Suave infusion products (so we can take $2.69 away from the total, but it rang up as $3 off, and he left it).
I had two coupons for buy 1 get 1 free for the toothbrushes, they rang up as $1 off each, and he left it.
I had a $1/1 any UbyKotex product.

And I gave him one $5 GC and one $10 GC because he handed me one of each of those...and that's my rule with these deals...they hand me one, I give them one back from last time.

After the coupons, my total was already cut in half from $50 to $27. Then after the gift card "exchange" I ended up paying $12.08 out of pocket (the price of the razor and the soda essentially). So this was a GREAT deal for me!

Head on down to Target and tell me what you got with your $10 back on $40 deal. I know some people are walking out with totally free items ($40 worth to be exact).

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