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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Menards Mail In Rebates

It's no secret that I love Menards! Not only can I find anything I need to make repairs or upgrades to my house at a decent price, but I score tons of freebies there.

(Everything here but the potatoes, cat food, and cookies are from Menards last week using the free after rebate program)

Have you heard about their mail in rebate program? Better yet, have you used it? We have shopped there for years, but it wasn't until recently we started using the program. We moved just a few months ago to a town that is very close to a Menards, and we have to go to that town every time we need to shop, so it's very convenient.

Every week, we get a Menards ad. I get so excited, I start scanning for the red letters that say FREE, and I start writing down a list.

This week is just the big 11% rebate on everything, which has been happening a lot lately, and so I will avoid this store this week (I don't want to pay even 89% of the price for anything this week). But last week there were pizza cutters, halloween decorations, gum, windshield cleaning tools, hose-connected car-wash brush, and a few other things. And sometimes, there are things that are not listed in the ad (like we found some drill bits that were free this past week).

So, the process is, you find the freebies, you get them (being careful not to exceed how many you are allowed to have for the duration of the offer), go PAY for them at the register, fill out the rebate form and send it in with the rebate portion of your receipt. And then you wait. I know plenty of you that will find this not worth it simply because you have to wait, or because the money can only be spent at Menards. But here's what I do...

I wait...

For 4-8 weeks....

And I march right back to the store and use my rebate form for more freebies and start the process over again. I have a good $100 rolling in rebates right now. Yes, if you pay with a rebate form, you may still get the money back on another rebate.

I have gotten some pretty nice things free through mail in rebates with Menards. I have gotten nice water bottles, pot holders, measuring cups and measuring spoons, sometimes they have nice knives and cutting boards, other cooking/baking tools, windshield wipers, cleaning products, my FAVORITE washcloths are sometimes free with MIR there, shirts, hats, socks, jeans...you name it, you may eventually find it.

If you have a Menards near by, take advantage of this program, and don't just think of yourself, some of these things make great gifts (it's the thought not the money that counts), or would make great additions to a gift basket at the last minute (now I'm really starting to sound cheap). And most of them are things we could all use. I mean, who couldn't use a shirt? So it says Menards, who cares, it's still clothes you! And, then you can always tell people you got it for free! My favorite thing ever!

I will try to keep up on some of the free after rebate items as I see them list in the paper, from time to time.

Til next time

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