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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Seventh Generation Mandarin Orange & Grapefruit

Thanks to Seventh Generation, and the wonderful people at Smiley 360, we have recently tried a new product in our home (for free, in exchange for my honest opinion)! #FreeSample

Meet Seventh Generation Mandarin Orange & Grapefruit hand wash!

It looks so beautiful sitting there beside our sink! 

My biggest concern when accepting this mission was Triclosan. This family has been Triclosan free for several years now, amongst debates about it's safety. Now, I know that virtually everybody product we use today has some sort of page that will claim it is unsafe, but this one was all over the news, and has been several times. The sad thing about deciding to go triclosan-free, there are very few hand soaps that you can find in the store that ARE triclosan-free. So, I am super excited to see that Seventh Generation has come out with several! The even better news, it's so easy to find in stores, Walgreens and Target being two such places!

So of course the first question is "do you like it?" The answer is yes. As soon as I opened the box, I had to go try it out. I find that this is a very smooth soap, that lathers VERY well compared to the soap we were using before (generic foam soap, only one we could find in Walmart that was triclosan-free). The pump bottle is well-designed, and works properly for each and every pump. The soap has a very light and delicious orange/grapefruit scent. It is light enough that if you plan on eating right afterwards, feel free to eat with your hands, you will not be tasting soap on your supper tonight! And the kids instantly ran out of the bathroom "mom, mom, mom, what is this new soap? It smells great!" when they first tried it. 

A friend of mine stated that she tried this brand and didn't use it because you cannot smell if your child's hands are clean. And while I have joined the hand-sniffing crowd from time to time, I will say, just because a child's hands smell of hand soap perfumes, does not mean they actually did a great job cleaning. She is correct in the fact that this hand soap is not highly scented. But there is a good reason for that, it is scented with ACTUAL fruit, this is a plant-based formula. This is a plus in my book. Not only is it free from synthetic fragrances, it is also phthalate and dye-free!

Another concern I had was, will it dry out my hands?! So far, so good. I have very sensitive skin and have a problem with a lot of hand soaps drying out my skin. So, another plus for the formula, it works well with our skin.

And lastly, let's touch on the formula. Seventh Generation hand soaps are not antibacterial, but do not let that stop you from trying their product. Please check out this link to read about why soap is as good as antibacterial soap. I have been saying for years that we use too many antibacterial agents in our lives.  So with that, I leave you, and two happy children with happy hands, with a recommendation to try this product out. I promise, you will not be disappointed. Please click here for a 20% off coupon on SeventhGeneration.com

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