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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Freebies!

So, it's been a decently big month for me, and I cannot even tell you how very excited I am. So much in fact, that I practically have tears in my eyes, and for good reason, this is all stuff that I now do not have to buy, which means, life is that much better. So, let's go down the list.

Firstly, what IS NOT pictured :Skintimate (full size bottle of shave gel) from Crowdtap, 1 bottle of excedrin from BzzAgent, some bath goodies and body wash and lotion (Kroger Co) from BzzAgent, seventh generation hand wash from Smiley 360, Arla Dofino cheese from BzzAgent, and some Sweet'N Low swag from Crowdtap. These ARE NOT pictured, because they were things I had to test and report back on and I couldn't just save them in a box for the month.

What is pictured? 
-$260 in actual cash money ($25 from Allstate IWG, $10 from Five Star IWG, $25 from Crowdtap winnings, and 2-$100 walmart GC from twitter party wins!

-6 months of accuflora probiotics from a smiley 360 twitter party win
-a month of dishwasher tabs from a twitter party win
-3 boxes of organic tea from Davidson's organic teas (pinterest pin to win)
-2 free cat food samples and a coupon for a free wet cat food
-coupon for a free package of biscoff cookies
-coupon for a free bottle of Veev Vitafrute Cocktail (free alcohol)
-meta fiber bar from a walmart sample

-lunch bag with ice pack and stainless steel bowl from a twitter party win
-physicians natural makeup from a Facebook win
-a red lady dust pan from Copy-Kids on Facebook (win)
-a bottle of fingernail polish from PINCHme (the rest of that box was used because we had to review it
-2 bags of weather's original candies from a Walgreens coupon stack
-some rebook party swag from a wonderful friend
-3 musketeers bites from Free Friday Download for king supers
-5 boxes of applesauce pouches from SYW points (spend $20 get $20)
-3 bottles of laundry detergent, again from SYW points (spend $20 get $20 and spend $20 get $0) It's important to note that I did not spend money just to get the points, it was on stuff we already needed (replaced the griddle which needed replaced)
-airheads bites Free Friday Download with King supers
-coca cola - code from kmart for signing up for texts with Sears
-a bag of dog food (from requesting from Safeway at a specific time, and being one of the first so many to respond/request)
-2 boxes of o'coconut treats part of a twitter party win ($48 worth of healthy treats)

-Fiji Water straw, first 500 to sign up
-adjustable measuring cup and measuring spoon, free after rebate items at menards (important to note here, I keep rolling the rebates, I spend my rebates on more free after rebate items and then wait for more rebates to come in...essentially after receiving the first few rebates in, I no longer spend out of pocket at all, I just keep rolling them into new rebates)
-a set of wipers for my car, also from menards free after rebate
-greeting card also from my PINCHme box

This is month #2, and I feel that it went really well. I'm so grateful for everything, and it's all stuff that we can use in the house, and more stuff we don't need to buy! And the money, I'm saving for Christmas presents. It's looking like Christmas may be free this year! 

Until next time,


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