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Saturday, August 30, 2014

August Freebies!

Around August 10th I started joining the freebie and couponing crowd. What you see in the pictures to follow is only what I have received this month as freebies, this is not everything I have coming, just what I have already received. Figured this would be easier to put on my blog instead of on my Facebook page.

This is a yellow ostrich purse from Emilie M, plus all of the stuff to go inside of it. I won this in a giveaway, and got another one for my sister. It's an amazing purse, very generously sized, and I love it came with the essentials bag. They are running a 60% off deal right now for labor day, if you are interested in purchasing one, hop over to Emilie M , and if you are looking to try your hand at winning about, don't forget to like Emilie M on Facebook.  

I also got some Atkins bars that I requested from Atkins, there is nothing that needs to be cancelled for this offer, and no shipping costs. 

I got a Zone Perfect bar from King Soopers Free Friday Download (a new one should show up on this site on Fridays). You can download the coupon to your card and then you have two weeks to use the coupon in their stores. No other purchases necessary, just need to sign up for an online account and have a King Soopers card to load it to. I know Kroger also has a similar program, but as we don't have a Kroger, I'm not well-versed in that.

I got a free refill pack of good2grow drinks, the promotion is no longer running, so no links for that today folks. 

I got a free bottle of Skintimate from CrowdTap. I love this site! So basically there are a lot of brands they work with. You have the ability to do things called quick hits, which basically are questions you answer for the brand, or maybe there will be a link they ask you to look at and then answer a question. Super simple. You can also do challenges and missions, which may involve you typing up an answer to a question, or taking a picture based on the guidelines provided. It does ask you to share via social media, though you may skip this part, but you won't get points for that specific task if you don't do it. But no worries, there are more points to be had. So, at the end of the month, your points are going to reset. The points are used for entries into the gift card drawings, so you may end up making some money at the end of the month for doing this. You also can apply to be in discussions which can get you loads more points. And sometimes, you will find sample/shares. So basically, I applied to sample and share my honest reviews on Skintimate. This just came in the mail today, so I have not had the chance to try it yet, but I'm super excited to get the chance. So, as a reminder, I did receive this bottle of Skintimate for free, in exchange for my honest opinion and some photos. I'm super excited to have joined CrowdTap, and I will let you know what I think of the product just as soon as I have the chance to use it.

Now here is a bunch of stuff from the Menards free after rebate program (wash clothes, cups, shirts, water bottle, and oven mitts). I check the circular on Sundays and make a game plan if I wish to get in on the free-after-rebate items. The rebates take 6-8 weeks to come back. But the great news is you can use a rebate to pay for the items...and then turn around and put them back into a new rebate. So, basically, if you keep doing this, no more money will leave your pocket. The taxes do not get rebated though, so there was a little bit in taxes on this, but I got the oven mitts as a money maker...meaning they actually owe me more money than I spent, so that covers the taxes this time. 

I got some e-liquid for free, for shopping at Straightline Vapors in Cheyenne. Woohoo!

The Chili's entree was another King Sooper Friday Download.

I got a free sample of Joffrey's coffee, oops that one is no longer available.

Somebody at Walmart was handing out the EmergenC, so I got a packet for free. 

And the toothbrush I got at Target for free. This is still available today, but I think will no longer be available tomorrow. To get this offer please text THANKS to 827438. They will text you a link, click on the link and you are given a bunch of offers and a scannable bar code at the top. You will notice one offer is for $1 off of any Colgate product. I got a $0.94 toothbrush, went to the register, they scanned my barcode on my phone...and voila, he hands me a receipt and tells me to have a great day. I'm a toothbrush and toothpaste hoarder for sure. I have a bag of the stuff. I REFUSE to pay more than $1 for toothbrushes or toothpaste, so free is perfect for me. Now, you could also have your spouse do this same thing, get their own barcode, and get their own toothbrush as well. 

And the Purina One dog food, another product I'm super excited about. I got this for free from Smiley360, in return for my honest reviews. Murdoch has been on the food for about 6 days now, and so far so good. I'll be honest, I was super worried he would get bloating and diarrhea (as he has previously not done well with corn and gluten), but so far has been perfectly happy to eat this food. It must taste great, he gobbles it down. And what sets this food apart from most that you can buy at your typical store, is that meat is the FIRST ingredient. If you check most pet foods at the store, corn is the first ingredient. That's fantastic if you are looking to provide your pet a healthier food. 

So, over the next few weeks, I will be reporting more on our thoughts on this food. Smiley360 sent me a coupon for a free 8 pound bag, as well as a small sample bag of the food. I was able to take the coupon to Target, along with a $3 coupon I got from Purina's site, or you can click HERE (while you are here, sign up for Smiley360, it's free, and it may land you some awesome products to try!) and will be lead to a link to sign up for your very own $3/off coupon for Purina One dog food. I got two bags at Target, one using the free coupon, one using the $3 off coupon, I was handed a $5 GC for buying the two bags, and paid $8.99+tax. Less the $5 GC (which I save and redeem whenever they hand me one, I give them one from the previous trip back), the total cost for the extra bag was only $3.99. So, it was just luck of the draw that they had this deal on the day I went to redeem my coupons for the 28 day trial. 

That about sums it up, now run yourself down to Target and nab that free toothbrush!

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