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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

True Skin Care - Anti-Aging Eye Gel - Review

There are a few things about myself that I don't particularly care for, I know overall I just need to get over that, but hey, it won't stop me from trying things that might help me!

Bags, I have bags under my eyes. I always have. In fact, it's hereditary, because my daughter was born with them. If we don't look like we have been awake for weeks on end, we look like we have black eyes, or maybe...just maybe...we are the walking dead.

The bags under my eyes are so big, that an airline would charge me extra to board the plane with them...

The bags under my eyes are so large, even Jerry Springer couldn't handle this baggage...

It's bad...

True Skin Care, awesome company by the way, send me over some of their anti-aging eye gel to try.

By reading the description on Amazon I truly hoped that this would work for at least diminishing the baggage under my eyes.

I used it religiously for a while, and it just didn't seem to make a palpable difference.

So I contacted the company. They suggested that I keep using it for a while longer, make sure to use it twice a day, and maybe try putting it in the fridge. I guess a few of their testers had found that by making the gel cold, they got an even better benefit from it.

It was so amazing of the company to trouble-shoot this with me, we had a back and forth dialogue throughout the day, and they were very kind even though I had to tell them that their product just wasn't working for me.

Unfortunately, even after using long-term, I'm just not seeing any desirable results.

Now, remember, my bags are so large...santa could store the world's christmas presents in them...so your miles may vary. I'm not saying this product doesn't work, in fact it has the potential to work (I was really having high hopes for the green tea extract in the product), it just didn't work for me.

I love the container, it feels to be a glass tube, set in some nice shiny silver plastic. The pump bottle works well, a few bubbles here and there, but works without fail. The product takes longer than my other facial products to soak in, and that can be kind of frustrating for an on-the-go person, I really had to pause and wait (and I'll be honest, I'm super busy in the morning, so that was a turn off for me). The product is scent-free and didn't irritate my nose. The first few times I used it, I did feel a bit of a burning sensation on my skin, but it didn't leave any noticeable irritation, and I won't lie, I have a myriad of skin conditions that could have been the culprit behind the reaction to the product.

And as always, I'll tell you, my dealings with this company have been nothing short of superb. They have always responded to me quickly and politely, and never once showed even a hint of rudeness.

'Til next time


I received this product in exchange for review. The views in this post are 100% my own.

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