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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Couponing trip 2/3/2015

Today I was in a deal mood, like, a super deal mood! I get these maybe once a week, where I MUST go to the store NOW (by myself, so I can REALLY DIG through the sales) and get stocked up on things for a great deal.

Today was a great day to do this, and you still have some time to get in on some of these if you so choose!

Today, I spent a total of $14.47 OOP, now, your miles may vary, because I have been rolling rebates at Menards and Target gift card deals.

This week I got my rebates back from Menards from my shopping spree before Christmas (and remember, I always save these to roll into more free or super cheap things, so I was happy to go get some goodies with it today and turn it into more rebates!)

Menards is currently running some great deals (and these are all good until end of business on Saturday, so plenty of time to get in on them).

There were mix and match cleaning products for $0.99, or free after rebate. There is a limit of 4 of this promotion per household, so I got four of my favorite wash cloths (I have tons of these, and always get more, just in case I need to throw one away). So, the spic and span wash cloths are $3.96 for the four of them.

Currently, you can get axe body spray on sale at menards for $3.49, and will get a rebate of $1.50/ea. The rebate is limited to 4 bottles of body spray per family. I happen to have $2/1 axe deodorant/body spray coupons, and I purchased four of these bottles today. I got charged $13.96 for the axe sprays, used $8 in coupons, and will get a rebate of $6 (technically an overage of $0.04).

The Airborne is currently selling for $5.99/ea with a rebate of $5/ea. Each household is limited to 6 products on this rebate. I had $1/1 any airborne product coupons. $35.94, used $6 in coupons and will get $30 back in rebates (about $0.6 overage). I don't have a picture of the coupon because I used them all, sorry guys!

Since I used my December rebates to pay for the products, I do not have money sitting idly for 6 weeks. I recommend you starting to build your rebates if you haven't already. What do I mean? Go and buy a few small free after rebate items, send in the rebates...and keep doing this. Eventually you will get quite the set of rebates in your purse, and can continue to get these deals with no more money out of pocket. These rebates don't have an expiration date, so they never go bad, but if you lose them, you are out of luck, so keep them with your coupons or in a safe part of your purse!

Now, on to King soopers.

King Soopers has some Colgate toothpastes 10/$10 right now. Underneath the price, there is some type that says $1/each. This means I don't have to buy all 10 to get the deal. Good thing, because the colgate coupons that I got in Sunday's paper, are limited to 4/trip. I picked up 4 tubes of toothpaste, my $0.50/1 coupons doubled to $1 and made each of those toothpastes free.

I have some coupons for buy one get one free Oral-B toothbrush coupons (these are specific to the kind that I purchased, not just any oral-b toothbrush). The toothbrushes were $0.99/ea. I got four, used two of my coupons (unfortunately my store was running low) and paid a total of $1.98 + tax for the four toothbrushes.

King Soopers is having a mega savings even that will allow you to save an additional $3 if you purchase 6 participating products (mix and match) right now, this one will end tonight, or at least it'll change to different products. So if you want to get in on this, do it, do it NOW!

I found Oral B Glide flossers for normal price $3.69, on sale for $2.49, but part of the buy six event, meaning if I buy 6 participating products, the price will be $1.99 each. I have some oral B flosser coupons that were $0.50/1. These doubled making each of the bags of flossers only $0.99/each. Since I was limited to 4 per shopping trip by the coupon, I got a couple jars of pasta sauce to make it 6 participating products.

The Ragu pasta sauce is $1.79 at this store, it was on sale for $1.69, but after purchasing 6 participating products, the price drops down to $1.19.  I purchased two and used 1 coupon for $0.75/2 ragu pasta sauces...now...this will almost double, the product coupon is worth $1 in my store. Making each jar of pasta sauce $0.69.  These coupons are limited to 2 like coupons/trip. Today I only needed one, so that worked out fine, but if you want more, these coupons not only printed in last sunday's paper, they printed in the paper before that as well, and they are different bar codes...and therefore, not like coupons.

The Barilla meals sell for $2.99/ea at my store. They were on sale for $2.29, and then part of the buy 6 promotion, meaning they were only $1.79. Now, I already bought 6 participating items, so I have to buy 6 more to get that deal. I happen to have $1/1 barilla coupon, and they do not limit per trip, so I used 6 of these coupons, and snagged all 6 of the meals for $0.79/ea. These are great for my family to take for lunches!

I spent a total of $12.76 after taxes, sales, coupons at my King Soopers store today.

Last stop was Target. I've explained to you guys before about rolling gift cards. If I do a gift card deal, I save the gift card for my next shopping trip that includes a gift card deal. You cannot use the same gift card you are given in that transaction, and you aren't technically saving money if you just take that $5 and go blow it on whatever you like. So, if Target hands you a gift card for a gift card deal, hand them one back, and you will really see savings.

Target has a deal on some Lysol products that if you buy 4, you get a $5 GC for free. The toilet bowl cleaning gel is currently on sale for $1.89/ea. I dug through the shelves and found 4 of them with coupons attached to them for $0.25/ea. That makes them $1.64/ea...or $6.56 for all 4. They gave me $5GC, I gave them a $5 GC, making my total come to $1.71 after taxes (or $0.43/ea). This is enough toilet bowl cleaner to last me for quite a while


All of my coupons came from the local paper, all coupons can vary by availability and value per each region. I have found that if I buy the paper for Denver, CO instead of the wyoming paper I typically buy, I get about 5 times as many coupons, and they are higher value. If you do NOT have access to any coupons, you can order bundles (like, you can choose how many inserts you want) of coupon inserts through companies, that will send them right to your door without all the papers that will just get thrown away anyways. The price is usually reasonable and similar to what I pay for the paper.

Added bonus, when I buy papers, I save the sunday comics, and wrap presents with them throughout the year. The children have a Comic Exchange Program in our house, and look forward to trading their old comic for the new Sunday comic each weekend. It's a silly little tradition, but brings smiles to their faces.


'Til next time,


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